We are a LED Neon Light company that creates bespoke signs for any place or any occasion.

Bringing high quality and stunning pieces to your home, workplace or event.

Our main focus is to deliver the best quality neon sign in every single piece we make.

As a kid growing up, I was always mesmerised by lights. And I never forget the image of my grandmother’s Christmas tree back in the late 90s, wrapped up with a string of colourful red, blue, yellow and green fairy lights, which always changed the mood in the room and brought me so much joy.

We want to share the emotions from colourful lights with you by enlightening the atmosphere of your place with our gorgeous art signs.

For us, what’s most important is customer satisfaction. We assure to give the best possible customer service and that you are happy with your sign.

Registered Office: 1 Glaisnock Street, KA18 1BP, United Kingdom

Neon Crush Ltd